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[FREE] The Best Australian Stories 2016 download pdf
[FREE] The Best Australian Stories 2016 download pdf

Charlotte Wood,: The Best Australian Stories 2016

The Best Australian Stories 2016


In The Best Australian Stories 2016, Charlotte Wood, author of The Natural Way of Things (winner of the 2016 Stella Prize, and the 2016 Indie Book of the Year), presents twenty pieces of outstanding short fiction. Featuring the work of exciting new voices alongside stories by established favourites, this is a collection of great diversity. If it has a unifying thread, writes Wood, it might be her own preoccupation with 'the trio of ghosts, monsters and visitations'. Some emerge from the natural world, others from the inner lives of characters contemplating death and its aftermath. Other stories still are playful, experimental or poetic, and celebrate the colours of the human experience. Together they form an anthology of unusual power and resonance, which will surprise and delight in equal measure. PADDY O'REILLY * TEGAN BENNETT DAYLIGHT * GREGORY DAY * ELIZABETH HARROWER * ELLEN VAN NEERVEN * NASRIN MAHOUTCHI * JACK LATIMORE * BRIAN CASTRO * GEORGIA BLAIN * JULIE KOH * TREVOR SHEARSTON * FIONA McFARLANE * JENNIFER DOWN * ELIZABETH TAN * MICHAEL McGIRR * KATE RYAN * JAMES BRADLEY * MICHELLE WRIGHT * DAVID BROOKS * ABIGAIL ULMAN

'Ten seconds, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one - fire! Down goes the firing switch. At first, nothing. Then from deep down there comes a low rumble, and it as if the world is spliting apart...' On 7th June 1917, nineteen massive mines exploded beneath Messines Ridge near Ypres. The largest man-made explosion in history up until that point shattered the landscape and smashed open the German lines. Ten thousand German soldiers died. Two of the mines - at Hill 60 and the Caterpillar - were fired by men of the 1st Australian Tunnelling Company, comprising miners and engineers rather than parade-ground soldiers. Drawing on the diaries of one of the key combatants, "Benealth Hill 60" tells the little-known, devastatingly brutal true story of this subterranean war waged beneath the Western Front - a stygian battle-ground where men drowned in viscous chalk, suffocated in the The Best Australian Stories 2016 ebook pdf blue gray clay, choked on poisonous air or died in the darkness, caught up up in vicious hand-to-hand fighting...

Author: Charlotte Wood,
Number of Pages: 240 pages
Published Date: 07 Nov 2016
Publisher: Black Inc.
Publication Country: Melbourne, Australia
Language: English
ISBN: 9781863958868
Download Link: Click Here


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